Our Menu

We serve a range of delicious snacks

Standard filling and toppings:

Bacon, sausage, haggis, baked beans (v)

Cheddar cheese (v). Egg mayonaise (v). Tuna May with sweetcorn or onion. Cheese and onion, Cheese and tomato, Roast ham. Roast chicken, Brie & cranberry.

Premium fillings and toppings:

Bacon brie & cranberry, Cheese savoury, Chicken & bacon with BBQ sauce, Coronation chicken, Prawn Marie Rose.

Breakfast Specials served until 11am

Cup of tea or coffee, roll/sandwich (choice of sausage, bacon or haggis) £2.75

Lunchtime Special served from 11.30am to 2pm

Soup of the Day plus toastie, roll, panini or sandwich with standard filling £5.95 or premium filling £6.95

Jacket Potatoes

Plain with butter or margarine £3.30

With 1 standard topping £4.30

Extra standard topping add £1.00

With premium topping £5.50

Extra premium topping add £1.50


With 1 standard filling £4.30

Extra standard filling add £1.00

With premium filling £5.50

extra premium filling add £1.50

Sandwiches, rolls and toasties

With 1 standard filling £4.30

Extra standard filling add £1.00

With 1 premium filling £5.50

Extra premium filling add £1.50

Toast (2 slices)

With butter £1.20

With butter and jam £1.50

With baked beans £2.00


Ploughman's Lunch £4.75

Farmer's Lunch (Roast Chicken or Ham) £5.75

Fisherman's Lunch (Smoked mackerel or Prawn Marie Rose) £5.75

Soup - made fresh daily, served with bread and butter £3.50

Piece of fruit - please see our counter display for choices £0.50

Freshly baked scones. Choose from cheese, fruit or cherry

With butter and jam £1.60

With jam and cream £2.30

Sweet treats

Our cakes are freskly baked on the premises and vary each day. Please choose from the counter display.

Biscuits from £0.50

Cakes from £1.00

Children’s Menu

Small soup and bread £2.50

Small sandwich and squash £2.50 (choose from jam, cheese, egg, ham or tomato)



Espresso £1.80

Latte £2.40

Cappuccino Cup £2.00

Cappuccino Mug £2.50

Black ground coffee - cup £1.80

Black ground coffee - mug £2.00

Instant coffee - cup £1.50

Instant coffee - mug £1.80

Hot chocolate £1.80

Luxury hot chocolate £2.35

Tea - mug £1.50

Tea pot for 2 £2.90

Speciality teas £1.80

Glass of milk £1.50

Can of soft drink £1.50

Squash £1.00

Juice Burst £1.20

Bottled water £1.20

Hot water £0.50

Appletizer £1.80