Our Voices: James’ Album Cover

Posted on: September 10, 2020, by :

One of our trainees, James, has created an album cover for the Utah-based ukelele band The Naked Waiters!  This cover will be used for digital copies of the album, which released on the 19th of August.

James first met The Naked Waiters in 2018, while volunteering at the Ukelele Festival of Scotland, and once more in 2019 while he was volunteering and they were playing at the festival.

James enjoyed their music so much, that at the 2019 Playmobile Festival, James based his figures on the members in the band and sent them a picture of his creation.

For their 2020 self-titled album, The Naked Waiters contacted James and asked him to design the front and back covers.  James happily agreed, though it would take 130 photos on his tablet, a lightbox, and a background requested by the band to achieve this.

When James received his copy of the CD, signed by the band alongside some lovely messages, he was happier still to realise that they’d used several of his other designs on the inner sleeve of the cover.

We, at The Usual Place, would like to say a big well done to James on this magnificent achievement, and congratulate The Naked Waiters on their new album.


You can find out more about The Naked Waiters and stream the album by visiting their website