Morgan’s SCLD Award

Posted on: September 24, 2020, by :

Morgan, who has been with us for four years, has left on a high note having been awarded SCLD’s Skills and Learning Award.

Morgan is one of our many success stories – first coming to us as a trainee before being officially taken on as a member of staff.

Morgan has always had an interest in cookery, and as a trainee achieved his SVQ in Professional Cookery.  It was during his time as a trainee, that his skills were noticed, particularly his attention to detail while finely chopping ingredients.  After earning his qualification, Morgan applied for and was accepted for a full-time role as a mentor in the kitchen, where he developed his leadership and teaching skills working alongside a new wave of trainees.

Morgan proved himself to be highly skilled in all areas of the kitchen, while fostering good working relationships with other staff and trainees, passing along his knowledge.

We hope that the many skills Morgan has picked up while working at The Usual Place can help him to fulfil his long-term goals in fine dining, which he will persue further in his new role at Powfoot Hotel.

His skills as a mentor and as a chef have earned him SCLD’s Skills and Learning Award, which is awarded by Scotland’s Living and Disability Awards.

This award recognises Morgan for working hard and developing his skills to a new level.  The Usual Place agrees with SCLD that learning is a lifelong persuit, and Morgan’s story captures this ethos well.

To learn more about the awards and hear the stories of Morgan and the other award winners, you can join in on SCLD’s Facebook Watch Party on the 20th of November.

A Spotlight Event will be held from the 23rd of November until the 7th of December.  We will provide further information closer to the time.


To learn more about SCLD and the awards offered, please visit their website