School Cohort’s End of Placement

Posted on: March 2, 2020, by :

Last Week, school pupils Alex, Sofi, Bethany and Ubayd completed their work placement at The Usual Place.

The pupils have spent several weeks at The Usual Place, learning every facet of our organisation from front of house and the shop to the kitchen.

This week, Bethany and Alex were part of our front of house team, learning how to make hot drinks to a high quality and deliver them to customers with exceptional customer service.  Meanwhile, Sofi was given a taste of the kitchen where she helped to make a cake, which sold out very quickly, and helped to prepare for service through chopping and preparing haggis.  Ubayd worked in the shop, further developing his customer service skills, and helped on laundry ensuring that our aprons were cleaned and pressed to The Usual Place’s standards.

Following their experience, the students were given a chance to reflect on their experience and what they had learned, before being awarded with Certificates of Appreciation.

We would like to thank the students and congratulate them on all of their hard work.  Well Done Bethany, Alex, Sofi and Ubayd!