We welcome volunteers who would like to join the team at The Usual Place.

“Volunteers don’t get paid, not because they’re worthless, but because they’re priceless.”  Sherry Anderson


Apply to be a volunteer at The Usual Place


Why do we involve volunteers?

  • Volunteers help reflect and build a bridge between us and the community we serve and in doing so become community ambassadors.
  • Volunteers bring diversity which enriches The Usual Place and all the people who train here, volunteer here and work here.
  • Volunteers bring a valuable range of qualities and skills, perspective, experience and expertise.
  • Volunteers can help us to increase our capacity and in doing so, reach even more people in our community.
  • Volunteers can gain valuable skills and experience which will enhance their CV, give them social contacts and give them a fun, enjoyable time whilst doing so.

Volunteer roles:

Here at The Usual Place, we offer many and varied volunteer roles. For example, you can volunteer in food preparation, kitchen portering, laundry, admin, handyman, customer service, special events, social media, I.T, hospitality, retail and many other roles.