Celebrating International Day of People with Disabilities

Posted on: December 2, 2022, by :

At The Usual Place, we are celebrating this year’s International Day of People with Disabilities (IDPWD).

This campaign was born from the United Nations (UN)’s Declaration of Human Rights.

In 1992, an International Day of Celebration for people with disabilities was introduced, to be celebrated on 3rd December each year.

The theme for 2022 is “Transformative solutions for Inclusive Development: the role of innovation in fuelling an accessible and equitable world.”

This theme takes on three main areas of focus:  in employment, in sports and in reducing inequality.

The Usual Place shares many if the same values and beliefs with IDPWD – celebration, learning, optimism, and action.

Every day at The Usual Place, we celebrate the achievements – big and small – of young people with additional support needs.  Whether they have moved on to a new job, won an award, completed their qualification, had a personal achievement, baked a cake for the first time or improved their confidence in speaking to customers

We also strive to learn from our young people, in return as they learn from us, listening to their wants and needs, and advocating for their voices to be heard.

Recently, we have been instrumental in the planning of the recent Youth Matters Conference, which was designed by and for young people with additional support needs, to gain their opinions on the topics which were most important to them.

We have also recently hired two young disabled people to work as Lived Experience Trainers, where they are enabled to train local organisations in disability understanding as part of our Autism Awareness programme.

We are optimistic and ability-focused, enabling and encouraging the young people who have trained with us to move on into meaningful positive destinations, whether it be in employment, education, entrepreneurship, or volunteering.  This concept is furthered with our involvement in No One Left Behind.

Our graduates have gone on to do great things – opening their own businesses, moving on to college or university, securing full-time employment or meaningful volunteering roles.

These values can be seen in everything we do – serving as advocates alongside our young people and enabling a national voice through our connections.

All of our young people, staff and volunteers are everyday activists, educating the general public on the inherent skills and talents of young people with additional support needs.


In short, both of our main missions are in “Providing Opportunities for Young People with Additional Support Needs.


To learn more about International Day of People with Disabilities, or to join the campaign, visit www.idpwd.org.